A full service commodity trading company with presence along the entire value chain

Connecting people to the world’s resources through industry-standard trade practices.

We strive for excellence in the execution of all business processes and provide our customers with the finest products available, while focusing at the same time on cultivating value at every stage of the agro-commodity supply chain.

Our approach to commodity trading

Sourcing: At Invictus, we source our commodities directly from growers and producers through our large network of suppliers to guarantee quality and consistency.

Logistics: Bespoke solutions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Looking into the future

As part of our core values, Invictus strives for the continual improvement of its sourcing capabilities through its upstream presence. This is complemented with a geographically dispersed clientele across multiple core geographies which continues to grow. 

Our Values


Continuously exploring new ways to enhance our industrial capabilities and diversify our operations.


Attention to detail along across all of the value chain activities to ensure optimal results.


Handling challenges with vigor and turning them into opportunities.

Transparency and Integrity

Acting and communicating honestly in all our processes.

Our History

“Established in 2014, Invictus began trading wheat in the MENA region. Today, the company has leveraged its core volume to diversify into complementary grains, as well as cotton, groundnuts, meat, and a variety of other commodities. Owing to a diverse sourcing network, Invictus has been able to expand its sourcing strategy upstream to smallholder farmers and deliver commodities to clients globally across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Asia.”

Amir Daoud Abdellatif
Managing Director